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10-4 (10 to the power of 4) is a new concept to help OM Field and Country Leaders to engage with Run for the World and raise funds for those ministries, projects and causes that God has put on their hearts.  It’s a simple, realistic and achievable way to raise thousands without a huge amount of preparation time – involving friends, partners and supporters all around the world.

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How does it Work?

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The 1-hour Challenge

Click on the image to find out how to organise a 1-hour Challenge event.

As part of the R4tW Global Day we are challenging people all around the world to see how far they can run or walk in 1 hour.  This can be as part of an organised event or wherever you are.  All of the KM are added together in an attempt to RUN AROUND THE WORLD IN DAY by accumulating 40,000km – the circumference of the earth and having at least one person running in each of the 24 time zones.

10-4 Realistic Example

YOU RUN – Imagine you’re  a Field Leader – you decide to run on the Global Day.  You haven’t had to organise anything or take part in a big event – [but of course you could if you feel it would have a bigger impact on your community]. You run 10km on the day and raise money for a Human Trafficking Project your team are involved in.

YOU INVITE 10 OTHERS TO RUN – A few months before the event you set yourself a target of inviting 10 team members and community friends to join you running [or walking – no need to be super fit!]

You set them a target of finding 10 friends from around the world or within the community. [Many OM Teams have short and long term workers from many parts of the world who are often eager to connect with the work – this then moves from being transactional to being transformational].

THE 100 RUNNERS INVITE 10 PEOPLE EACH TO SPONSOR THEM PER KM – Most of the runners are in many parts of the world reflecting the diverse nature of your team, partners and friends with whom you and your ministry has a lot of favour.  The team of 10 challenge their 10 friends to find just 10 people to sponsor them $10 (or whatever is the local currency) per km covered.  Some participants achieve 10km but there is an average of 7km achieved on the day by the 111 participants spread around the world.

MONEY RAISED – 111 participants running on average 7km each all having 10 sponsors offering $10 per km.

111 x 10 x 10 x 7 = $77,700

This is achievable if you invite and challenge those with which you and your team already have favour.

There are many other benefits to Run For The World

R4TW_Relationships – Build Community


R4TW_4Fundraising – as explained


R4TW_Togetherness – Unite and Invite friends from around the world


R4TW_Wellness – get fit, train together  and see spiritual growth with friends and colleagues




  1. Do we need to organise a big event? No – absolutely not, run yourself and invite others to join you.  If you do want to organise a bigger event say for over 30 people then you will need to think about a number of organisational aspects but we are here to help and there is good advice in the organiser’s manual.
  2. How do you process our funds? We don’t – you process and control all funds in whatever way you normally do.  Set up a page on your website or contact an OM Finance team for advice.
  3. Do you have any centralised projects that you are raising money for? Not at the moment, we feel it’s important that you pray about what you want to raise money for – it could be for OM field team budget or a particular project you have set up – or you could decide to partner with a project in another country that you  have a heart for – you run, they run.
  4. Do we need to start at a particular time? – Ideally 10am – imagine a virtual baton being passed around the world as the earth travels around the sun.  If this does not suit your climate or for other reasons it is OK to run at another time.
  5. What if we can’t organise an event on the Global Day? Well I guess that’s OK we would rather you were involved on the day otherwise we lose the dynamic of doing this together and running around the world in a day.  However we would rather you were involved on another day than not at all.
  6. What if I haven’t got time to organise all this?  We know you’re busy so even if it’s just you running – that’s worth it. But if you are running, you may as well invite others. Just give them a few months notice but set them a challenge of finding 10 others who find 10 sponsors each.  Maybe allocate this role to a member of your team or a volunteer.  The benefits definitely outweigh the inconvenience.
  7. Is there a registration process? – Yes we need to know about all of the activity on the day so we can put you on the map and follow up.  This means the Field leader must sign up and all of the local and remote runners – they should be able to do this themselves.  See below for links – Register an Organised Event or Register To Run (R4tW Lite)
  8. Are there any other responsibilities you haven’t told us about? – Yes a few small things – we would expect you to register the runners, how many people you expected to take part and then on the day report on your team achievements – runners/walkers, distance covered in KM, how much money you raised, a few images and video uploaded.
  9. Do you have any materials for organisers? Yes – we have some graphics and an organiser’s manual with lots of ideas for different models but we are encouraging the 1 hour challenge.  CLICK HERE
  10. I don’t know many runners and we don’t have a running/fundraising culture. We really don’t think this matters – anyone can run, walk or be involved in some way – we have seen very unfit people, very old people, children, parents and babies and people with disabilities all involved in R4TW.  This really IS NOT for elite athletes!!

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