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Bringing people together for a fun or challenging event creates an opportunity to forge relationships between community groups, churches, businesses and other agencies.


Use the event to raise funds for whatever cause or project you feel will make a difference to your community or globally. There's no centralised fundraising cause.


Uniting the world by holding an event in all major time zones and accumulating at least 40,000km - the circumference of the earth - on one day. Everyone has their part to play even in remote communities.


It's great to unite to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. In many cases this leads to a more active lifestyle.


What is R4TW?

R4TW is an open-source global sports event which brings people together in a fun, healthy way to raise money and awareness of projects around the world reaching the poor and marginalised in your community.

In all nations people are quick to say what the problems are and what should happen, but the question then is, “what are you going to do?” By participating or organising an event, you take the first step in this challenge. You get the chance to be part of a global event by taking part in a local event.

Around the World in a Day!

This year we are organising an event in each of the major time zones. The goal for the Global Day for all R4TW Run and Ride events is to accumulate a grand total of at least 40,000 KM, which is the distance around the world. Although travelling around the whole world in one day is impossible for one person to accomplish, it is possible when we unite together. The kilometers that each person covers during their local R4TW event will be counted towards this goal.

To qualify for this all you need to do is register your event or your individual participation then record the total distance covered and let us know by completing an online form.


1-Hour Challenge

Format —1-HOUR CHALLENGE.   This year we want to encourage the ‘1-hour challenge’ format – run as far as you can wherever you are in 60 minutes.  This ties in with your time zone and our attempt to accumulate as many km as possible.

Run or Ride

Run, cycle, swim, skateboard, canoe, paraglide – however you want to travel, as long as it’s a form of healthy, physical activity, we don’t mind.  Organise an event or as an individual – run or ride to cover as many kilometres as possible to add to our global target of 40,000km!

About R4TW
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