Your Local Run or Ride

We want to help you organise a great event no matter how big or small – keeping it lightweight and within your capacity.  Take a look at the information below.

Think Big by Thinking Small

You don’t have to be a professional event organiser – just 20 or 30 friends running around a park is a great way to start

Choose a Cause

No centralised fundraising – you can raise money for whatever local or global cause that you care passionately about.  A Fundraising Model

Tell us about your event

When you register your event we will put your location on the map and on the day of the event record the distance your participants achieve as you run or ride.  Initially just give us the basic details and add more as your event takes shape.

Organiser's Guide
Organiser's Guide

All you need to know about organising an R4TW event

Organiser's Resources
Organiser's Resources

Logos and other graphics you can use for your event

1 Hour Challenge
1 Hour Challenge

How far can you run or ride in 1 hour?

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