R4TW Locations 2017

September 23rd 2017.  These locations will be added as they register. Below are shown all of the locations of our 2017 events so far.  These locations identify either a large event, small groups or even individuals running around the world.

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What happened last year? - R4TW Locations 2016

On September 24th 2016 starting in New Zealand and finishing in Canada we ran and cycled around the world.  Below are shown all of the locations of our 2016 events from Fiji through Jerusalem to the outskirts of Canada!!

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All Countries Represented in 2016!

Austria Fiji Lake Tanganyika Philippines
Bangladesh Finland Malawi South Africa 
Belgium Germany Malaysia   South Korea 
Belize India Mexico Tajikistan
Bosnia Ireland Moldova UK
Canada Israel Netherlands USA
China Jamaica Nigeria Zambia
Ecuador Kazakhstan North Korea
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