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Introducing the OM Field Leader Challenge 2015

What’s the Field Leader Challenge?

SPORTSLink_RGBOpen to all Operation Mobilisation Field and Country Leaders, you will be leading the way for your team and supporters in building community locally, joining together around the world in something active and raising money for your ministry or important projects. All you’ve got to do is run, invite a few friends or supporters, involve a few partners and raise some money.  To get things started we are sponsoring you $25, $50 or $100 for each km you run in 1 hour.

Meeting the values of R4TW


Places Taken So Far


Key Features

  1. R4TW Global Day – 26th September 2015 – or a date to suit you (within 28 days of the Global Day)
  2. The field/country leader runs and invites others to join him/her (under some circumstances another OM worker may be nominated to run)
  3. We sponsor the leader $25, $50 or $100 per each KM run in one hour (the amount depends on the level chosen – Bronze, Silver or Gold)
  4. Each level requires increasingly challenging criteria to be met for distance completed, numbers of runners, money raised and partner organisations.
  5. Places for each of the 3 levels are limited on a first come first served basis.

Three Levels - Choose one - but please note PLACES ARE LIMITED

BRONZE - Places limited to 20 fields

Conditions of Entry

  • screenshot_276You will receive $25 per km covered from our sponsor
  • Leader must run at least 6 km in 1 hour
  • Must be accompanied by at least 10 others who run 8 km in 1 hour on average
  • Must involve at least 2 partner organisations (churches or other agencies)
  • Runners must raise minimum total of $500
SILVER - Places limited to 10 fields

Conditions of Entry

  • screenshot_275You will receive $50 per km covered from our sponsor
  • Leader must run at least 7 km in 1 hour
  • Must be accompanied by at least 20 others who run 8 km in 1 hour on average
  • Must involve at least 3 partner organisations (churches or other agencies)
  • Runners must raise minimum total of $1,000
GOLD - Places limited to 5 fields

Conditions of Entry

  • screenshot_274You will receive $100 per km covered from our sponsor
  • Leader must run at least 8 km in 1 hour
  • Must be accompanied by at least 30 others who run 8 km in 1 hour on average
  • Must involve at least 4 partner organisations (churches or other agencies)
  • Runners must raise minimum total of $1,500


What if the Global Day date of 26th September does not suit our calendar?

That’s OK you can organise an event any time up to 28 days after the Global Day 26th September – it’s better if we all try to run on the same day but just let us know when you will be organising your event on the Registration Form

What if I can't really run very far?

It is important that the field or country leader is fully involved but if running really isn’t easy for you then you may nominate another OMer to run in your place.

Our economy will not allow us to raise that amount of money - how can we be involved?

The Bronze level is the best option – please involve your contacts from anywhere in the world and ask them not just to sponsor you but to organise a small event wherever they are and raise the required amount.

I'm not fit - will you reduce the target?

No – these distances are set as a target and a challenge.  Most people can walk at about 5km per hour so the minimum of 6km is achievable by most people – also we want this to be an encouragement for you to get fit and stay fit so get training!  If you are physically unable to complete this desired level due to personal health reasons, you may appoint someone on your OM team to take your place as the qualifying runner.

What happens if I apply too late and the level I want is full?

Go for the next level down  – try to achieve the criteria of the level you wanted as others may not achieve the standard and we will promote from the level below if all criteria are achieved.

What if I fail to meet the criteria?

We will assess you for the next level down and award on that basis

Do the other runners I invite need to register on the website?

No – please record all of their details at the event – name distance and money raised – but do not register on this website as it will confuse

How do you prove you ran the appropriate distances?

We trust you!  Simply make a record of how far you and your group run and let us know using the form we will send to you

How do we collect the money?

Unfortunately we must leave this question for you to answer using the systems and processes for your OM field.  Ideally people can give online if you can set it up and most finance teams will have dealt with this question before

How do I measure distances run?

Some ideas… run on a running track where you know the distance, use a smart phone app (e.g. Runtastic) to measure accurately, borrow a measuring wheel, use a car to measure on a road, just guess – we are not too strict!

How do I inform you?

We will send you a return form by email or click here

Does the project we raise money for have to be an OM project?

Generally yes but let us know if your project falls outside of this and we can look at it

Do you have any graphics we can use to advertise etc.?

Yes we have logos, sponsor forms and certificates that may be useful – click here

Can we invite people from outside OM?

Yes certainly – part of the aims of R4TW are to expand our network and relationships


Other Considerations

  1. Images and Video – please take photos and any video to post on to Facebook page on the day – we want to see the big picture of what is happening around the world – Our Facebook Page
  2. Security – please make sure you do not send us any images or information which you would not wish us to publicise on Facebook or other insecure sites.
  3. Certificates – Please download certificates for your runners –  from this section
  4. Use our video to advertise on Facebook – paste the link below into your status
  • (English)
  • (Spanish)
  • (Portuguese)

Does this really work?

YES!!! Here are some details from the fields who completed the challenge in 2014

12 Fields Benefited
Over 400 Runners
$2700 donated by our sponsor
$21700 raised in total ($1800 per project average)
42 Local Partners involved

An Example…

The Field Leader decides to go for SILVER level and chooses to raise money for a feeding project.

She is quite fit but decides to do some training in order to achieve as high a distance as possible knowing that every km she can run in an hour will gain $50.

She personally invites 10 people to run with her and knows they are all capable of running around 8km on average – some will do more and others less.

She invites them all to ask for sponsors and other friends to run.  She also invites a friend in another country to organise an event on the same day and they are willing to raise money for the same project expecting about 15 people to attend. In addition she invites two local churches to get involved and they think they can attract another 15 people to run and raise money.

On the day she runs 9km.  They raise $1,400 from the two events in which 38 people run.

The field leader qualifies for $50 per km and so gains another $450 making a total of $1,850 raised.

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