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All you need to know about organising a local event


Together we want to run around the world in a day.  We have a vision of 1000s of events all over the world and the way we will achieve that is by encouraging organisers to create simple events using this lightweight model.  Our Organiser’s Manual does give you guidance on organising a much larger event if you need it.  Ideally your event should take place at 10am local time on the Global Day.

What R4TW Gives You

An Organiser's Guide containing advice on organising different sized event

Logo and Graphic files to use on websites, Facebook pages, T-shirts and fliers

A location pin on our online Global Map

Advice on maximising Fundraising

A gallery for your photos taken on the day

Simple Event Format

  1. Register or inquire using the form  and get some sponsors using the sponsorship form.
  2. Do some training— for runners we have a good 5k training plan on the website.
  3. On the day, you can simply go for a run or a ride with a friend (or even on your own if it’s safe) for the one hour slot allocated to your Time Zone (10am local time).
  4. Run or walk for the whole hour or part of the hour taking plenty to drink and choosing a safe traffic free route if possible.
  5. Record the distance you achieve using a measured route, a running track, a pedometer or a phone app. We have complied a list of our favourite apps here
  6. Post your photo images and total distance on our Facebook page and be part of the attempt to run around the world.

Organiser’s Checklist

  1. Find at least one other person who will help you – just a friend, colleague or family member. We advise that if you are under 18 that you have an older person to help you organise this. There are a number of hazards that could be relevant such as safety and security.
  2. Run or Ride? As long as you are being active you can travel in whatever way you like – Run, Cycle, Skateboard, Canoe – whatever you and your friends enjoy doing.
  3. Decide on the type of event you want either a 1 hour challenge, a competitive race, a fun event, etc.  This will largely be decided by the fitness and experience of the people you are inviting. Ask them what they think. But encourage them to do some training—we have a good 5k training plan on the website.
  4. Register your event using the form to the right. We will then put your location on the map!
  5. Decide on an attractive location—a local park  or trail is usually a good idea because these are usually traffic-free. If you know a location where other similar events are held then it will probably be easier  to know what distance you are covering. Try to find a flat or undulating course avoiding steep sections. Check that there are no other events scheduled that day in the same place. Ideally find somewhere near a car park, toilets and refreshments.
  6. Decide on a cause. What do you feel most passionately about changing in your local community or perhaps a significant national or local cause. You may get more participation if you combine this with a local cause that people are passionate about. Ask what is the most important thing you want to change in your city or nation. Use this event to highlight this cause or issue and maybe raise some money. Contact the cause to tell them you are doing this—ideally this will be a registered charity as they will be able to claim tax relief but ask their advice and if they have sponsor forms. They may even send a few people to participate with you.
  7. Try to have a first aider as part of the group but if not make sure someone has a mobile phone in case of an emergency.
  8. On the day, link in and contribute to our text and web updates on our Facebook page to see how you are contributing to the global event. Take photos and upload them.  Once you have registered we will send you regular updates by email.

Event Registration Form

Organiser's Guide PDF

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Top Tips
  • If you’re organising a lightweight event don’t advertise to the general public as more may turn up than you can handle.  With more than 30 people you will have issues of insurance, first aid and other safety issues.
  • Shops and supermarkets will often be happy to support local events with free food and drink which will give participants a little boost at the end.
  • If you want a timed event or want to measure distances there are some great apps for phones – click here for more details
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