What to Eat on the Day


The Night Before

It is important that you eat and drink the right things in preparation for any running event. This advice is given for a 10k run but is still relevant for other distances and is given by Lauren Antonucci of nutritionenergy.com – many thanks for allowing us to publish this information on our site.

Breakfast on the Day

Aim to take in around a pint (perhaps 16 to 24 fluid ounces) of fluid. It’s best to get in some carbs by drinking a sports energy drink, but at least drink water. If your stomach can handle solid food before a run, go for it. Solid breakfast ideas include toast with jam, a bagel with peanut butter, oatmeal with a banana, or even a baked potato. Try to reduce caffeine – your pre-run excitement combined with excess caffeine could force an inopportune pit stop.


During the Race

What you take in during the event depends entirely on conditions. If it’s hot or you’re at altitude, you will need fluid. Go by thirst. Otherwise,  you should be able to make it through without refueling.


“Respect the 10K,”  especially if you’re new to the distance. It is an endurance event, so you need to refuel properly to aid muscle recovery. Try to drink something within 30 minutes of finishing. A recovery drink with carbohydrates and ideally protein, is a good place to start.  Combine this with careful stretching of the muscles as a cool-down to reduce lactic acid in the muscles.

Recovery may take a week or so and lead to some stiffness but don’t worry that is quite normal.


Want more info on proper sports nutrition? Contact  www.nutritionenergy.com

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